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Welcome to Rosarito Beach hotel & spa

Welcome to the ROSARITO BEACH HOTEL, Baja’s largest beachfront resort and one of its most famous landmarks. Since it first opened its doors in 1924, millions of visitors as well as movie stars, presidents and international royalty have been attracted to it´s romantic old world charm and loving hospitality. Its popularity spawned the birth of the city of ROSARITO BEACH, just 30 miles south of San Diego. The Hotel has been at the heart of the popular resort destination that grew up around it. Today, the hotel is a full-service, self-contained resort with 500 rooms in three oceanfront towers. It remains the region's most popular hotel and a must-see destination for ROSARITO's more than one-million visitors a year. Its grandeur, world-class restaurants, entertainment, lodging options, activities and special events make it the perfect destination for visitors on almost any travel budget.

The beauty of Baja, the climate, the panoramic ocean views...

The beauty of Baja - the climate, the panoramic ocean views, the white sandy beaches, plus the Mexican culture and history along with the warmth of the sun - is what attracts people here.

Weekend Fun, Family Vacation, Retirement

Rosarito is a unique opportunity to vacation in a foreign country but with the convenience of a short drive. Families can explore new locations and experience a different culture while couples can rediscover their love for one another in the beautifully romantic setting of Baja. Because of the breathtaking sunsets, the delicious food, the warm climate and exciting night life, many Americans are now deciding to retire in one of the many beautiful beach communities that Rosarito has to offer.