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Massage & Body Treatments

Body Treatments

Casa Playa Spa has put together a variety of body services that can help you achieve that perfect, smooth and nourished skin you've always dreamed about.
We use natural products from the Sea and Earth. They are specially combined to restore and improve the condition of your skin as well as detoxify and re-hydrate for an all-over body glow.

Spirulina Intense Purifying Body Wrap

This heat treatment aids in detoxifying the body while encouraging cellular metabolism. It remineralizes, revitalizes and tones the body with ocean minerals. You will be wrapped in a specialized thermal blanket, heated to 102 degrees. This treatment is beneficial for reduced swelling and cleansing.
90 minutes: $111.50 USD

Exfoliating Body Scrub

A mixture of botanical and sea extracts. A highly effective detoxifying treatment which cleanses and stimulates skin for an all over body glow. Enjoy this relaxing treatment while softening and moisturizing your skin.
30 minutes: $49.55 USD

Butter Wrap with Massage

A delicious body scrub to lift away all surface dryness, followed by a soft body massage while applying our warm Vanilla-Orange Butter. This wrap will deeply hydrate and nourish your skin and leave it silky smooth.
90 minutes: $111.50 USD

Hydrotherapy aroma bath

Now you can make the most of the benefits of these treatments used in world class health spas. These baths contain natural ingredients in concentrated and therapeutic formulations imported from Europe.
30 minutes: Single $49.55 USD
30 minutes: Couple $55.75 USD

Prices in U.S. Dollars. Plus tax. 


Our friendly staff consists of registered and highly trained massage therapists. They effectively relax muscles, increase circulation and improve joint mobility using light and deep tissue techniques.

Healing Touch Signature Massage
All in one combination massage with warm and soothing techniques that will relieve tension and muscular pains and restore your energy and well-being.
90 minutes: $123.90 USD

Hot Stone Massage

Smooth, heated basalt stones relieve deep tension, relax and balance your entire body. You'll experience a sense of wellness, harmony and peace.
60 minutes: $86.75 USD

Sports Massage

A therapeutic treatment, employing deep kneading and circular movement on specific muscle groups or areas prior to or after strenuous physical activity.
60 minutes: $86.75 USD

Deep Tissue Massage

(Deep Tissue) - Isolates specific muscle groups to release built-up tension and over worked muscles with an intense deep tissue massage.
50 minutes: $74.35 USD

Aromatherapy Massage

Gentle, nurturing massage utilizing touch and smell and incorporating customized blends of fragrant essential oils.
50 minutes: $68.15 USD

Swedish Massage

The classic technique that relieves muscular aches and pains and achieves a deep relaxation. The Swedish also helps to maintain muscle and soft tissue at optimum efficiency.
30 minutes: $49.55 USD
60 minutes: $74.35 USD

Pre-Natal Comfort Massage

Allows pregnant moms to unwind, feel serene & comforted during a period of added physical and emotional stress. It will ease back, neck & shoulders aches caused by muscle tension, reduces swelling in hands and lower legs, increases circulation and promotes relaxation and deep breathing. This massage is performed with the maximum of care and comfort.
50 minutes: $61.95 USD

Back and Neck Massage

Relieves the tension of back and neck, leaves you feeling relaxed.
30 minutes: $49.55 USD


Based on the ancient Oriental techniques, this delightful foot massage with soothing aromatic oils relaxes the entire body, relieving tension and stress.
30 minutes: $48.00 USD

For Your Feet Only Massage

A 30 minute invigorating & healing technique that will alleviate all tension and fatigue that you're overworked 'feet' carries day to day. It will also help to improve your circulation.
30 minutes: $49.55 USD

Prices in U.S. Dollars. Plus tax


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