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COVID-19: Hygiene Protocols

“We are committed to putting the health and well-being of guests and staff members first,” said Hugo Eduardo Torres Chabert, President and Founder of Rosarito Beach Hotel & Spa. “Our Resort will now feature a plethora of post-COVID-19 hygiene protocols, high efficiency sanitization and other advanced cleaning measures.”

When you are ready to travel again, we will be ready to welcome you.

Dear customers:

The future of travel may look different but a safe secure stay is fundamental to deliver through hospitality, and that will never change. As the world adjusts to new travel norms and expectations, we at the Rosarito Beach Hotel are enhancing cleanliness and supporting your personal well-being throughout your stay by using new science-led protocols and service measures, partnering with industry cleaning lead experts as Ecolab and Diversey among others.


We have a long-standing commitment to rigorous cleaning procedures after 95 year working for tourism. Rosarito Beach Hotel Way of Clean already includes deep cleaning with hospital-grade disinfectants and is being expanded with COVID-19 protocols many of which are already in place, and reflect the advice of the World Health Organization as well as Mexican Health authorities. You can expect to see evolved procedures in every area of the hotel, which may include:

-Increased cleaning in commons areas, with special attention to surfaces such as entrance doors, tables, elevators, seating areas, and more;

-Sanitizing mats will be placed in the following areas: Lobby entrance, Coffee Shop & Spa.

-Physical distancing measures will be enforced with guests and staff members, following the World Health Organization’s recommendations to keep at least 6 ft. distance apart;


Special COVID-19 training will be provided for all staff, focusing on safety and hygiene protocols outlined in the program:

-Physical distancing of at least 6 ft.

-Staff members’ temperatures will be checked upon their arrival & Departure at the resort;

-All staff will receive personal protection kits and equipment, including face masks and transparent materials in areas of direct and indirect contact with guests;


The use of facemask is requested in all public areas, including fully vaccinated guests.

-Body temperatures will be taken from each guest;

-Front desk screens will be used.

-Sanitized key-cards.

-Paperless check-out.


Will increase the cleaning frequency of common areas, with special attention to surfaces with the most contact, such as gaming areas, lobby, guest elevators, handrails, tables and desks, benches, armchairs and/or waiting rooms, and garbage bins. Pools will be cleaned daily, and thoroughly again at the end of the day.


All housekeeping equipment will be sanitized at the beginning and end of every shift, including maid trolleys, room service tray.

All floors, walls, curtains, rugs, armchairs, desks, remote controls, telephones, mirrors, doors, and other high-touch points will be sanitized in each suite with steam injection, and air conditioning filter systems will be sanitized for each room at check out.


-All serving staff members must wear a face mask at all times.

-Crockery must be washed and sanitized after each use, as well as other high-touch points such as tables, chairs, napkins, trays, service bars, check holders, and pens.


Underpinning all of this will be our Clean Promise. Rolling out from June 1, 2020, you can be reassured that leading this work is our Global Cleanliness Board, a group of Rosarito Beach Hotel Executives in operations, health, safety and guest experience working with our external specialist’s advisors to define solutions and best practice.

I hope this gives you reassurance as you look ahead to future travel plans , because when you are ready to travel again, we will be ready to welcome you. On behalf of everyone at Rosarito Beach Hotel, thank you for your continued loyalty, trust and support.

Best wishes,



                         Ricardo Argiles Vives                                      Hugo E. Torres Chabert

                          General Director                                                  President